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About Repair NCR

Repair NCR is a reputed door to door repair service catering to a wide range of electronic appliances. We are well equipped in catering to problems concerning refrigeration systems, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioning systems and dishwashers. We undertake repair jobs for appliances which are meant for commercial as well as domestic purposes.

Repair NCR engages experienced and high qualified technicians for the job. Irrespective of the seriousness of the problems, our professionals are likely to have suitable solutions for the same. We also appreciate the importance of delivering services on time. We would be at your doorstep within the committed timeframe, as soon as you place us a call.

Our services are guaranteed. We believe in providing long term solutions and not superficial quick fixes for the problems that are presently plaguing the performance of your sophisticated equipments. In case a major repair is warranted, we would be happy to provide suitable suggestions for the same instead of offering cheap and short term repair solutions.

We are also committed to providing cost-effective solutions for the services rendered by us. All you need to do is give us a chance to serve you in order to realize the advantages.

Services We Offer

Refrigerator Repair Services - We offer high class on-time repair services for your refrigerator systems, be it commercial or domestic. We cater to all brands are capable of offering specialized solutions.

Washing Machine Repair Services- We offer specific repair services for washing machines of all types and makes. Irrespective of whether these are machines used at textile companies, laundries or your home, we can take care of any and every problem.

Microwave Repair -We provide comprehensive repair solutions for your microwave ovens. We are capable of dealing with problems arising in every brand and make. We cater to both commercial and domestic equipments.

Air Condition Repair - We offer timely services for catering to all kinds of problems arising in air conditioning machines of all types and makes. Our services are highly specialized and provide for prompt resolution of problems.

Dishwasher Repair - We provide highly professional and skilled repair engineers for catering to all forms of problems arising in commercial and domestic dishwasher systems. We are committed to delivering timely services too.

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